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Introduction of the Moving Forward: Chinese Education Fundraising for a Training Centre

As the saying goes: "Education is the cornerstone of social progress". At the turn of the century, we are entering an era of promoting democracy and human rights, revolution of information and communication. In view of this, our Chinese Education Movement must be reviewed based on consensus building, and face the challenges with clear direction, clear goals, strategy development.

The development of Chinese education has been more than two hundred years in Malaysia. The Chinese Education Movement requires new thinking, new theory, new strategies and techniques, in order to face the new situation and challenges. The Chinese educationists have to inject new vitality and demonstrate a new spirit.

Based on the understanding of the current development in the international trend and the political trend in Malaysia, Dong Zong, Jiao Zong and Merdeka University have initiated a series of activities after extensive discussions and consultations. Some of the activities are new concepts of education exploration seminar, new directions for Chinese education forum, advocating of the national education, the education reform exhibition, the art and talents competition, and school students camp. The venues will be spread across the country for a period of about two years.

While organizing the above series of activities, a comprehensive training centre will be established as a Chinese education base to promote Chinese education and cultural interaction. Activities to be conducted in this training centre include: teacher training, academic seminars, education and teaching workshops, review of examination papers, student interaction programme, student leaders training, various performances and academic exhibitions, and etc.



  1. Exploring the theory of Chinese Education;
  2. To unite the strength of all levels of society and to create a new pattern for Chinese education; and
  3. To build a comprehensive training center.


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