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我国是一个多元民族、多元文化、多种语文和多种源流学校的国家,是一个非常幸运和美丽的国家。因此,人民应充分认识到,这些多元社会本质,是国家的瑰宝,是国家繁荣进步和国民团结的基础,造福国家和全体各族人民。多元团结(unity through diversity)和公平合理的政策,才能促进真正的国民团结。











Speech by Dong Zong Chairman, Dr. Yap Sin Tian at the Chinese New Year Media Night 2014

Date: 24 January 2014 (Friday)
Time: 7.30 pm
Venue: Crown Hall, Crystal Crown Hotel, Petaling Jaya.

A very good evening to the representatives and journalists from the various news media;
The Consular Counsellor of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Malaysia, Mr. Lin Dong;
Representatives of educational bodies from various streams; and,
My fellow colleagues from Dong Zong.

First of all, I would like to thank you for attending and welcome all of you to the Media Night this evening.

In ushering in the Chinese New Year, Dong Zong will be holding our fourth Chinese New Year Celebration on 9 February, 10.30 am at the Dong Jiao Zong Higher Learning Centre in Kajang.

In conjunction with this Chinese New Year Celebration, and to foster friendly relationships with the news media, Dong Zong has cordially invited representatives and journalists from news media of various language streams to the Media Night this evening.

This deeply meaningful gathering is a good opportunity for Dong Zong to also invite the representatives of educational bodies from various school streams to gather here and mingle with members of the news media, to strengthen their mutual contact and allow them to encourage and share views and experiences with each other in the effort to promote the development of mother-tongue education and various school streams.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The news media and schools of various language streams have an extremely close and mutually dependent relationship with one another. A large number of graduates from the various school streams have joined the news media profession, working in various areas such as in newspaper offices, television stations, radio broadcasting stations and the internet media.

Meanwhile, the various news media and members of the journalistic profession have also contributed to the continuation and development of mother-tongue education and culture by expressing concern in issues faced by the people and reporting and commenting on them, and by doing so enlightening and educating the people.

It is our hope that the various news media will continue to play a role that is favourable to mother-tongue education and culture, and to make active use of their role as such.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Malaysia is a multiethnic, multicultural and multilingual country with multiple streams of  schools. Our country is a very fortunate and beautiful country.

As such, the people should fully learn that such a pluralistic social foundation is a national treasure or asset, a foundation for the prosperity, progress and unity of the country, and a benefit to the country and its people of all ethnic groups. It is only through “Unity through Diversity” and fair and reasonable policies that the real unity of the people can be promoted.

In fact, the various school streams are a valuable asset and advantage for the country.  The survival and development of mother-tongue education, language and culture is crucial to the people of every ethnic group, and is also their fundamental right.

Dong Zong wishes to stress that the preservation of and fight for the right to mother-tongue education is a totally righteous, justifiable, reasonable and legitimate act.

The mother-tongue education of various streams have taken root and developed in Malaysia for almost 200 years.

Furthermore, the resolutions, treaties and declarations made by the United Nations, UNESCO and in various relevant international conferences have specified that the right to mother-tongue education is a human right.

Therefore, regardless of whether it is the National Constitution, legislations, systems, policies or measures for implementation, they should all clearly safeguard and support the survival and development of mother-tongue education, language and culture of each ethnic group.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
At the beginning of the year, the issue of shortage of teachers in Chinese Primary Schools has again occurred, and has been reported many times by the press.

It is our view that the Ministry of Education should tackle the issue at its core, and resolve fundamentally the issue of shortage of teachers, which has been plaguing Chinese Primary Schools for the last 40 years, from the aspects of policies and systems.

On the other hand, 2700 bodies from various ethnic groups and close to 700,000 people have thus far provided their signatures in support of the petition movement started by Dong Zong in protest of the policies and measures unfavourable to the survival and development of mother-tongue education in the 2013-2025 Malaysia Education Blueprint.

Following this, Dong Zong will be launching the second phase of the petition movement, to continue to rally together the educational bodies of various school streams and gather support from more people from various ethnic groups and places who are passionate about mother-tongue education, so as to achieve at least 3000 bodies and 1 million individuals signing on to the petition.

The relevant materials will be translated into various languages and sent to the news media of various language streams.

As such, we hope that the press of various language streams will attach importance to such issues and provide their support by reporting more on Dong Zong and on information related to the educational bodies of various school streams and the progress of the petition movement.

On behalf of Dong Zong, I would like to express our deepest respect for the various news media for your efforts and contribution in supporting and caring for mother-tongue education.

I hope that all of you will assist and co-ordinate mutually with Dong Zong more closely in the future.

On a final note, I wish everyone great progress and good luck in this New Year. Thank you.

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