Curriculum Department

Introduction of the Curriculum Department

Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary Schools (MICSS) have a unified education policy, thus they own a unified curriculum. In the Unified Curriculum, Chinese is used as the primary medium of instruction, however, in coordination with the necessity of the circumstances, we also promote Malay language learning to understand the thinking and feeling of other races. In the meantime, we should also enhance English language teaching to meet the requirements of the environment around the world.

The principle of the Unified Curriculum should be coordinated with the necessity of the circumstances in our country. Nevertheless, we should also retain and develop Chinese cultural heritage. We could create a new culture for our multi-ethnic society in accordance with the Rukun Negara. In the meantime, the Unified curriculum should meet the criteria of secondary education around the world, it should also be compatible with the benefit of the multi-ethnic society in developing countries, as well as consisting the knowledge of the modern era.

The Unified Curriculum Committee is responsible for the implementation of the Unified Curriculum, the committee members include Dong Zong, Jiao Zong, the principals of MICSS, alumni association, activists for Chinese Education and others. Professionals from renowned universities at home and abroad should also be invited to join the committee. Upon the confirmation of the syllabus, the editors for each subject can proceed to compile and publish the learning materials.


Responsibilities of the department:

  1. Establish the curriculum system of MICSS;
  2. Formulate and revise the syllabus of General Science and Technical Science;
  3. Compile and revise the textbooks and other teaching materials of MICSS; and
  4. Assist in the teacher training of each school to improve teaching effectiveness.


Contact info:

Telephone: 03-8736 2337  Ext: 222/223

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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