Examination Department

Introduction of the Examination Department

Following the implementation of the Education Act 1961, the government ceased to organise lower and upper secondary examinations for Chinese secondary schools. From 1962 to 1974, there was no unified examination specially held for SMJK (C) and Independent Chinese Secondary Schools. Each independent Chinese secondary school had its own school leaving examination and certificate of graduation. Some of the students sat for national public examination and many of them transferred to SMK or SMJK after passing the examination, whereas others furthered their higher education in Nanyang University of Singapore or various universities in Taiwan with graduation certificate of independent Chinese secondary school.

Since Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary Schools (MICSS) used Chinese as the main medium of instruction, it was reasonable to have a Chinese language examination to test the academic level of the students (especially for those in Junior Middle Three and Senior Middle Three). This need was not met until the Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary School (MICSS) Unified Examination was held in 1975.

At the end of 1973, the publication of the Independent Chinese Secondary School Proposal established the correct guiding principles and guidelines for running the schools and pointed out the direction of the development of MICSS. Holding the Unified Examination is an important proposal pursuant to act on 1973 Independent Chinese Secondary School Proposal. In order to implement the Independent Chinese Secondary School Proposal, Dong Jiao Zong has established Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary School (MICSS) Working Committee and established a Unified Examination Committee under the Working Committee. The Unified Examination Committee is responsible for conducting the Junior Middle and Senior Middle Unified Examination for MICSS. The members of Unified Examination Committee consist of current or retired lecturers from various colleges, including scholars and experts from various disciplines.

Since 1975, the Junior Middle and Senior Middle Unified Examination have been held every year.


Responsibilities of the department:

  1. Conduct MICSS Unified Examination; and
  2. Establish and implement a complete Unified Examination Evaluation Management System.


Contact info:

Telephone: 03-8736 2337  Ext: 228

Email: exam@dongzong.my